Kugoo Scooter FAQS

Everything You need to know about scooters

Yes, there are a lot of advantages to have a scooter. 

Fuel savings: One of the significant advantages of the electric scooter is substantial for the pocket of the final consumer: the considerable savings in gasoline.

Extremely Convenient: Get from Point A to Point B fast, no more waiting for the bus, waiting for the taxi. Simply unfold your scooter and you are ready to go. 

Ecology and respect for the environment: Every time we use an electric scooter we are contributing our bit to that ecological spirit that should be present in our daily lives.

Hi there, you should consider it regarding the below factors: Safety/dimensions/performance/comfort/cost/riding condition. Check the compare scooters page for more info

You cannot ride an electric scooter on a sidewalk. Furthermore, if you are crossing an intersection, you must walk the scooter across it.

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KUGOO provides a reliable warranty that is processed in the most hassle-free way possible, we built a after sales service center in case of there are any warranty problems.

Good day. Safety first, you should wear a helmet while start riding it and be ware of the local weather, then watch for the hazards on the road, never forget to lock up your scooter after a ride.

Hi there, e-scooter is a great invention for modern life, with its help you could spend less time not only on commuting, but also going out for a riders gathering/go to school/meet your friend and whatever you need to do on foot, now you can do it with this scooter.

Electric scooters are non-geared two-wheeler that work like a regular scooter but run on electricity. The components and other electrical parts all covered that give the rider an extra layer of safety, on every route.

No, we don’t suggest riding it in the rainy day.

Riding in colder temperatures can affect the performance of the scooter. One key thing is to make sure the scooter is always being stored inside. Keeping your rideable in the cold can cause damage to your tires, motor, and battery.

1. Battery storage time is = 6 months (-20°F to 60°F) 

2. Relative humidity for battery storage = 45% - 75% 

3. The possible storage temperature range for Lithium-Ion batteries is is -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F) but for prolonged storage period -20°C to 25°C (-4°F to 77°F) is recommended and 15°C (59°F) is ideal. Cells should be stored with a partial charge of between 30% and 50% (at least 2 battery indicators). Although the cells can be stored fully discharged the cell voltage should not drop below 2.0 Volts per cell and cells should be topped up to prevent over-discharge. The maximum voltage should not exceed 4.1 Volts. 

4. Charge the battery before storing and every few weeks

Shipping policy

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All over the world

Shipping is free worldwide.

3-5 business days U.S

7-15 worldwide